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We offer a wide range of services for chimneys, including installation, repair, maintenance, and even emergency service. Safety is the most important thing to us. We work safely and try to make sure that every client has a safe place to work. We never take the easy way out or cut corners. Our only goal is to make sure you are happy.

Chimney Cleaning

Buildup in a chimney will make it hotter than the chimney flue can handle. Using a hard brush to clean the chimney will get rid of the buildup of debris and keep your chimney safe and healthy.

Our experts clean chimneys thoroughly without making a mess.
We do a full inspection of your chimney while we clean it to make sure it works well and is safe. We check the chimney cap, chimney crown, flashing, brickwork, and any loose roof shingles very carefully. The smoke chamber, damper, firebox, lintel, hearth, and ash dump door of furnaces and stoves will also be checked.

Chimney Inspections

We will inspect the chimney at your home or place of business to make sure it is working. Even though chimneys are used less in the spring and summer, damage can still occur. Before you fire it up for the winter, make sure it is safe to use.

Chimney Liners

The lining of a chimney is crucial for safety. The main job of the liner is to keep the gases in the chimney and give them a clear path to leave your home safely. Without a good liner, the walls of your chimney could be damaged for good. If the liner is broken or missing, you and your family could be exposed to dangerous chemicals.

Chimney Brick Repair

If the bricks and mortar in your chimney look old or broken, Prime Chimneys has the skills to do all the masonry repairs you need. We will look at it, take pictures, and give a fair and honest evaluation. Our experts in masonry will make the fixes that will stop problems from happening again in the future.

Chimney Caps

Most chimney decay and flue blockages are caused by water damage and animal nests. Installing a cheap chimney cap is a smart way to save money and keep from having to make more expensive chimney repairs in the future.

Chimney Sweeping

At Prime Chimneys, our main service is cleaning chimneys. Our chimney experts can clean any kind of chimney, whether it burns oil, wood, or gas. We will make sure that your system is in good shape while we clean it.

Chimney Repair & Masonry

Many parts of a chimney, like a cap, mortar, bricks, and shingles around it, can get damaged.
The bricks on the chimney can wear down and break over time. This could cause water leaks, drafts, and safety problems. Our technicians know a lot about building chimneys. We also build chimneys for new homes from start to finish.


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