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Maintaining your dryer’s vent system increases safety, promotes good health, saves time and money, and extends the life of your dryer.
Identifying airflow restrictions, a damaged vent, or improper dryer ducting is the first step in protecting your home or business from fire, lint accumulation, rodent and insect infestation, carbon monoxide exposure, and moisture within your dryers’ exhaust path.
To protect property and prevent damage to your dryer and dryer vent system, a trained professional should perform an inspection and thorough dryer vent cleaning and repair.

Dryer Vent Inspection

Identifying airflow restrictions, a damaged or disconnected vent, and improper vent installation is the first step in protecting a home or business from dryer vent-related dangers and realizing the advantages of a clean dryer vent system.
A 30-point dryer exhaust system inspection examines airflow and backpressure to determine the performance of the system. In addition, a trained Technician will visually inspect the dryer exhaust system from the appliance to its termination point to ensure that it complies with standards, local codes, and dryer manufacturers’ recommendations.

Dryer Vent Inspection Plan

• Location, condition, and type of vent termination exterior.
Determine the length and diameter of the duct.
• Material type for ducts and joints.
• The type and state of the transition hose.
• Determine developed length.
• All Clearance.
• Condition of the dryer’s lint filter
Determine the number and location of fittings.
• Airflow velocity
• Examine the path of the ventilation system from within the living area.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Maintaining your dryer’s exhaust system will improve the appliance’s efficiency and eliminate any potential fire hazards. By mechanically brushing the dryer’s airflow path from the interior transition duct to the exterior termination duct, we will perform a thorough and comprehensive cleaning.

When accessible, our skilled Technicians will also clean the dryer’s lint screen, lint trap, moisture sensors, and interior cabinet.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

  • Clean vent system.
  • Clean lint screen.
  • Clean lint trap.
  • Clean inner dryer cabinet. 
  • Remove animal nest.

What is the purpose of a dryer vent?

  • a. A dryer vent helps hot, wet air to escape from a dryer’s rotating drum to an exterior termination point, therefore preventing mold and material damage.

    b. Removes clothes particles and lint. A lint screen will only capture about 25 percent of the fabric particles generated by the agitation and high temperature of a wash and dry cycle. A small amount of lint makes its way into the dryer’s inside cabinet. Concurrently, the remaining majority employs a transition hose between the dryer and a solid pipe to continuously remove this very combustible liquid from your home or business.

    c. Gas dryers require a safe and dependable technique for containing and evacuating spent fuel by-products, such as carbon monoxide, from their operation. A correctly engineered dryer vent system will prevent carbon monoxide from escaping into your house or place of business, thereby protecting anyone who come in contact with this toxic chemical.

Dryer Vent Installation & Repair Specialists

Dryer vent system repair is generally necessary because a dryer duct is broken or disconnected, isn’t working as it should, is made of the wrong material, or was installed in a way that doesn’t follow the code and creates a hazard.

If the dryer’s exhaust system fails, it could lead to fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, mold growth, and a dryer that doesn’t work well.

Dryer Vent Repair Services

  1. Remove duct tape from joints and seal with heat-resistant aluminum foil.
  2. At vent fittings, install heat-resistant foil.
  3. At each vent pipe seam, install heat-resistant foil.
  4. Install duct supports.
  5. Restore the vent pipe’s connection.
  6. Find the missing cleaning rod.
  7. Reconnect transitioning hose.
  8. Waterproof the roof penetration.
  9. Seal the wall’s endpoint.
  10. Remove cages and screens.
  11. Provide adequate clearances for ducts and vents.
  12. Remedy problems with back pressure.

Dryer Vent Replacement

  • Generally, a partial or total replacement of a dryer vent system is required because a dryer duct is damaged or disconnected, is not functioning as intended, contains unsuitable duct material, or was installed in a manner that violates the applicable code and poses a hazard.

    A dryer exhaust system failure could have catastrophic repercussions, including fire, carbon monoxide exposure, and mold growth, in addition to a dryer that performs poorly.

  • Replace transition hose.
  • Replace roof vent.
  • Replace wall vent cover.
  • Replace vent fitting.
  • Replace single duct or entire run.
  • Correct system developed length.
  • Correct duct pitch.
  • Dryer Vent/Duct Re-Routing.

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