Wood & Pellet Stoves​

Wood & Pellet Stoves

There are various reasons to install a gas, wood, or pellet stove or fireplace. Only a handful include replacing an outdated, inefficient appliance, generating a secondary source of heat, and boosting the value of your property.

You may wish to upgrade your old fireplace, add reliable supplementary heat to your home, or make the switch from wood to gas. We can assist with that!

You can rely on us to ensure that our professionals handle the installation of your pellet stove. Our experts specialize in the installation of pellet stoves and other tasks, regardless of the size or complexity of the job. Simply describe your situation in as much detail as possible, and we will provide you best service.

* Prompt, dependable, and reasonably priced pellet stove installation and services, including all types of repairs, installation, and home maintenance if required * Receive accurate and customized prices, estimates, and more
* Commercial and residential pellet stove installation services
* Skilled craftsmanship, dependability, timeliness, experience, and exceptional customer service

Ahy Wood & Pellet Stoves​?

They are Effective
First, the efficiency of both large and small pellet stoves can reach up to 90%, indicating that only 10% of energy is wasted through output. In comparison, the efficiency of traditional wood-burning stoves is between 40 and 50 percent. Pellet stoves are thermostatically controlled, so they will keep the temperature you select.



A fire in your new small or big pellet stove can last approximately 12 hours when operated at maximum power. But only if you use it to its maximum extent. If you operate it at a lower power, you may be able to create heat for up to 36 hours without recharging! You would also not have to bother about maintaining the fire. How incredible is that? Additionally, bags of pellets are easy to store and do not require a great deal of space.


Compared to other types of fireplace fuel, pellets might be regarded quite affordable. Obviously, the amount you spend on fuel is proportional to the frequency with which you use your pellet stove; therefore, the cost effectiveness is dependent on your lifestyle.

Environmentally Friendly 

Sometimes we receive inquiries regarding the influence of fuels on the environment. The best aspect about pellet stoves is that the pellets, which are primarily produced from Canada and Europe, are composed of sawdust. Since sawdust is a byproduct of wood manufacturing, it utilizes a material that is typically discarded. This is a sustainable fueling strategy. The combustion of wood pellets is also carbon neutral.

Easy to Maintain

Since both large and small pellet burners produce very little ash, they are far simpler to clean. Also, unlike many other fireplaces, they do not experience accumulation concerns.

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