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Chimney Sweep Northglenn CO! We offer a wide range of services for chimneys, including installation, repair, maintenance, and even emergency service in Northglenn CO area. Safety is the most important thing to us. Also, our team work safely and try to make sure that every client has a safe place to work. In addition, we never take the easy way out or cut corners. Lastly, Our only goal is to make sure you are happy.

Wood & Pellet Stoves​ Northglenn CO

There are various reasons to install a gas, wood, or pellet stove or fireplace. Only a handful include replacing an outdated, inefficient appliance, generating a secondary source of heat, and boosting the value of your property.

Also, you may wish to upgrade your old fireplace, add reliable supplementary heat to your home, or make the switch from wood to gas. We can assist with that!

Northglenn CO Prime Dryer Vents Services

Maintaining your dryer’s vent system increases safety, promotes good health, saves time and money, and extends the life of your dryer. Identifying airflow restrictions, a damaged vent, or improper dryer ducting is the first step in protecting your home or business. In that way, we can avoid from fire, lint accumulation, rodent and insect infestation, carbon monoxide exposure, and moisture within your dryers’ exhaust path.

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Things To Do In Northglenn CO

Unwind at The Little Massage Shop: You’ve made it to your destination, and it’s likely that the first thing you’ll want to do is relax after the long journey. The Little Massage Shop in Northglenn has the perfect solution to help you unwind and prepare for the adventures ahead. Upon entering the shop, you are greeted by a tranquil and relaxing environment that sets the stage for a relaxing time getting pampered. Skilled massage therapists offer stress-reducing and muscle-relaxing massages using hot stones, ranging from 30 minutes to two hours. Other services including scalp, face, and foot massages and Reiki.

Boondocks Fun Center: Family entertainment for all ages is available at Boondocks Fun Center in Northglenn. Hours of fun are spent cooling off at the water park. In addition, you may go to playing games in the arcade, bowling at the on-site bowling alley, climbing at the ropes course, playing laser tag, riding the bumper boats, and racing the go-karts. After a long day of adrenaline-pumping activities, choose a meal from an extensive menu of dishes and combos catering to every taste.

Croke Reservoir: Visitors to Northglenn can spend a day enjoying the beautiful, natural surroundings of the Croke Reservoir. Whether you prefer to relax on the shore under the towering trees or spend an afternoon fishing, a day outdoors taking in all that fresh mountain air is a day well-spent. Also, on-site, there’s also a picnic area, and visitors can take a leisurely stroll on a 1.2-kilometer trail that winds around the lake, where various mammals and birds can be observed.

Morrison Natural History Museum: Visitors to the Morrison Natural History Museum in Morrison learn all about the science of Palaeontology from experts in the field and through interactive tours and exhibits. Explore the museum on your own or with a guide; along the way, learn about dinosaur discoveries in Colorado and view various fossils that have been found in the area. Learn about the Red Rocks and Dinosaur Ridge areas, which are local hotbeds for prehistoric finds. Some of the on-site exhibits include the Jurassic Garden, Fossil Dig Pit, T. Rex and Time, Cretaceous Colorado, and Ice Age. A gift shop is also on-site.

Water World: Visit Water World in nearby Federal Heights on hot days to cool off. DoubleDare, Eagle River, Glacier Run, Mile High Flyer, Pirate’s Plunge, Skyline Speed Slides, Thunder Bay Wave Pool, and Turbo Racer are just a few of the numerous rides and slides that can be found at this water park. Also,  numerous restaurants serving every kind of meal and snack imaginable are also on-site. A few of these establishments are Coconut Point, Cowabunga Pizza, Boardwalk Burrito, Surf’s Up, and Bermuda’s. Rentals for cabanas are offered.

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